About Paddy

Paddy is a well-known local optician, who has lived and worked all his life in the Pembroke Electoral area. He is a familiar figure in Pembroke, as he walks everywhere. He also enjoys swimming.

Paddy runs two practices – one on Baggot Street and one in Ringsend. He has been an active member of Fine Gael since 1982 and played a vital role in supporting Lucinda Creighton during the General Election campaign.

“I am delighted to be representing the people I have lived and worked with all my life. Both my parents were also from the Pembroke ward and I feel it is very important to have someone who knows the area – it’s history and its needs – representing the people,” Paddy said.

“One issue causing huge concern locally is the Ballsbridge Local Area Plan,” he continued. “I would be hugely opposed to what is outlined in this plan – and residents feel very strongly that it will damage the local area. I will be doing everything in my power to ensure the people’s needs are met by Dublin City Council,” he added.

Paddy runs a constituency office from Thorncastle Street in Ringsend.